Outdoor Learning

Working outdoors is a great way for children to get more from their time with school. There are endless opportunities for linking outdoor learning back to the classroom. Often children who don’t engage well in classroom situations shine when outdoors and this confidence can be taken back to school.

Being outdoors brings a whole new perspective to learning and through our range of activities we can work with you to help add an extra dimension to your curriculum. Whether you want to celebrate a school achievement with a fun water sport day, to bring the story of the Gruffalo to life in the woods or to take children to explore for mini beasts we can help. We could even develop the skills of a group of primary school children so that they are able to look after themselves on an overnight camp, and by look after themselves we mean everything including shopping & cooking. 

We have listed some of the things we can do on this website and are happy to discuss ideas you may wish to try with your own pupils. As well as working with groups of children we are happy to arrange sessions for adults who work with young people both as informal CPD sessions or part of longer courses. To book or discuss anything with us feel free to get in touch we will happily come to visit you to put a plan together.