At West View Project we take the view that without young people we wouldn't exist, and because of this we place a huge value on their opinions. 

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The majority of the youth centre work we carry out is shaped either by the needs of young people or because of the things they tell us they want from a youth centre. We apply the same approach to longer term work with schools where young people can plan their work & where we use their feedback to adapt sessions for them. 

In addition to adopting this approach we have also developed projects that gives young people a voice in a wider sense. Our Participation worker Rebecca Ferguson has spent several years working with school councils from every Primary School in Hartlepool to develop locality based forums, allowing young people to share & discuss issues in their community, which has led to positive changes for young people & their communities. Rebecca has also worked with these groups to bring together 3 town wide School Council conferences which have grown each year, last years conference at Hartlepool's Grand Hotel was attended by Barry Coppinger (Police & Crime Commissioner) who faced questions from young people and attracted interest from Tyne Tees News. The next event is planned for June 2014. 

Rebecca also leads on the Junior Inspectors project, this project was developed in partnership with Hartlepool Borough Council and supports groups of children to visit, inspect and provide feedback on services & facilities that they or their peers use in the town. To date the groups have inspected a number of services, both statutory, voluntary and have made a positive impact on all those services they've inspected. 

If you would like to know more about participation work please contact us we would be happy to talk to you in more depth.