Health and Safety

We know just how important keeping people safe is, both to parents & schools. Over the years we have developed our procedures so that safe delivery of activity doesn’t infringe on the natural experience young people have in the outdoors.

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As a provider of support for children & young people all of our staff & volunteers have Enhanced DBS (CRB) disclosures. As a centre we are accredited by the Adventure Activity Licensing Service, are holders of the Learning outside the Classroom Quality badge, and are accredited by Canoe England & the Royal Yachting Association. All of the above involve a third party inspection of our equipment & procedures so you can be confident that everything is up to date and current.

 As a general rule, explained in our safety statement (available in the downloads section of this site), we don’t hand risk assessments to schools however if you feel it would help you to have a copy we have a booklet which covers all of our activity that can be emailed directly to you on request.